Only the best for your baby

Our stylish baby clothes are made for newborn babies from 0 to 3 months and infants from 3 to 9 months. The collection is available in white, grey, pink and light blue.

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Soft, comfortable and practical

Generally, babies don’t have high demands. Their clothing simply needs to be soft, comfortable and practical. That is why we make our entire collection of baby clothing from soft teddy fabric and fine stretch cotton fabric. These fabrics follow the shape of your baby’s body, ensuring a perfect fit. Our Baby de Luxe line of clothing does not feature labels, as they can scratch or irritate a baby’s sensitive skin. All information is printed onto the fabric itself.

Never lose another pacifier

At Baby de Luxe, we have developed a handy snap-on button system. It consists of a cord with a snap fastener, which can be used to attach a pacifier to the baby’s clothing. Most of our baby clothes and a number of accessories feature the snap-on button, so you always have a pacifier within reach. Although the cord is of no immediate danger for your child, supervision is required at all times. You can choose to easily remove the cord at night.

Easy Matching

Looking for accessories that match the clothes? Or to an item that completely finishes the baby room? Then we have soft and adorable accessories for you. With the luxurious appearance and the finest fabrics, these items are always good. Everything is available in white, gray, pink and light blue.

Unique gift

You can of course also offer our clothes and accessories. In a few counts you have ordered a unique and practical gift. We are sure that mom and dad will be very happy!

Smart solutions!

Many items from our collection contain clever solutions to familiar issues with parents with little ones. See what we’ve been thinking of smart solutions: Baby de Luxe product movies